When I became Born again I was excited because it was about a relationship with God. But when I started going to a church I noticed the same thing, It was all about the church and their belief system. I would just Like to see people committed to God instead of church.

Hello friends, Just remember Jesus saves, not religion!

There are days when I just don't understand what God is trying to show me. 

I feel lost and unsure of things. Sometime I just want to give up.

But through it all I know God is there.

We have been given the gift of life.

Before I was a Christian there was a void, something that was just not right.

But when I accepted Jesus as my Lord,

There was a peace that is had to explain

We have to shut the outside world out,

the noise and the things that distract us.

Friends we are going to have problems.

But God has assured us with confidence

and given us the power to overcome.